Creating the Attackers Dilemma: Moving from reactive to proactive defense


A common theme today is that breaches are “inevitable” because attacker’s just need to succeed once and defenders need to succeed 100% of the time and are thus doomed to failure.  In this talk we’ll explore this premise and reveal the inherent fallacy contained within.  We’ll take it a step further and explore how to create an attacker’s dilemma and move from reactive to proactive defense.


Tim Crothers is a seasoned security leader with over 20 years’ experience building and running information security programs, large and complex incident response engagements, and threat and vulnerability assessments. He has deep experience in cyber-threat intelligence, reverse engineering, and computer forensics. He is a recognized thought leader and author/co-author of 14 books to date as well as regular training and speaking engagements at information security conferences.