General TSO’s mainframe hackin’


Internet of things hacking may be all the rage, but a compromised thermostat won’t likely shutdown an airline, a global financial enterprise, or an arm of the government.
If your enterprise isn’t treating your critical mainframe systems like ‘just another computer’ when it comes to adversarial testing and risk management-you may be running headlong into catastrophe.
In this talk Chad will demonstrate how he is merging modern tools, techniques, & exploits with large enterprise mainframe systems that power our world. If your business, career or life depends on one of these systems (and they do), come listen to this talk.


Chad Rikansrud is a 20 year IT veteran, who has recently joined forces with a U.K.-based Mainframe Security, Services, and Software firm (RSM Partners) to lead and develop their North Amercian operations.  Most recently he worked at a large financial institution leading various mainframe operational, infrastructure and security efforts.  He holds a degree in Information Technology with a focus on IT Security, has held many IT positions including: DBA, Developer, System Administrator and Network Engineer. His primary technical background was in Linux/UNIX and Networking.  His computer experience started with Gopher and C programming on an RS/6000; BASIC on a commodore PET and more recently involves work in reverse engineering, security and cryptography.

For fun, Chad builds “Capture the Flag” contests for area information security conferences, gives talks about these subjects and helps mentor others just getting started in IT/Security. Chad has spoken at many industry conferences such as SHARE, DEF CON, Derbycon, and RSA.