Leveraging AI in Cyber Security


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Mr. Ryan Permeh is the Founder of Cylance Inc. and serves as its Chief Scientist. Mr. Permeh is THE brain behind the architecture of a new approach to security. He leads the research and threat intelligence teams digging into the hacker mindset to uncover emerging attack and defense methods. Prior to co-founding Cylance, Mr. Permeh served as the Chief Scientist at McAfee. He worked with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer to envision how to protect against the threats of today and tomorrow. In addition, he led innovation efforts through advanced technology exchange with Intel. Along with Stuart McClure, Mr. Permeh built TRACE, McAfee’s elite security research team. Mr. Permeh has over 15 years of experience in vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and exploitation. He frequently speaks at well-known security and technology conferences on advanced security topics, published many blogs and articles and contributed to a litany of books on the subject.