The Stark Reality of Red vs. Blue and Why its Not Working


We have spent so much time focusing on Red and the images of security ninjas leaping off tall walls with laptops and grappling tools that the role of “blue” has been left in the dark…it’s underrated, nobody wants to do the job and typically it’s under appreciated and the unloved discipline…it’s time to change that. The focus on red has done nothing to help the industry protect our charges, we are still failing to protect those around us and we’re still watching helplessly while companies lose all the data we’re meant to protect…so time to change the focus.


Chris Roberts is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on counter threat intelligence within the Information security industry. At Acalvio, Roberts helps drive Technology Innovation and Product Leadership. In addition, Roberts directs a portfolio of services within Acalvio designed to improve the physical and digital security posture of both enterprise, industrial and government clients.
With increasingly sophisticated attack vectors, Roberts’ unique methods of addressing the evolving threat matrix and experience with a variety of environments – Enterprise, Industrial, and IoT, make Roberts and his team an indispensable partner to organizations that demand robust, reliable, resilient and cost-effective protection.