Under the Surface of the Optum Big Data Lake


We have built a Security Big Data Lake (SBDL) built on OSS technology to support flexibility and extensibility of data functions within UnitedHealth’s Cyber Defense environment. The foundation of Hadoop and Elastic technologies now capture over 10TB of data daily from 160 sources through 45 distinct ingestion streams. Enrichment is performed at the ingest layer and data is processed into both defined views and undefined data structures where it is accessed by over 200 end users. The platform allows for granular security controls, but is open for upstream and downstream API integration which has enabled incorporation of new tools and features.


William Casey is the Director of Data Analytics and Security Innovation at Optum Technology, a division of UnitedHealth Group. He has experience in data science, data analytics, and implementing big data solutions at several large public and private sector organizations. William has spent the last 4 years solving information security problems with big data solutions. His team of data scientists, data engineers, and developers at Optum provides analysis and solutions for Cyber Defense and Enterprise Information Security functions.